Sheng electronic technology co., LTD. Hangzhou force by hangzhou light photoelectric technology development co., LTD. And Germany to study abroad, Dr. Zhen-hua yu Mr DE bo technology co., LTD. And hangzhou to form, is a collection of laser engraving machine, laser phototypesetter, CTCP, electronic engraving machine and other specialized equipment development, production, sales and service as one of professional electronics, computer software application technology companies. Hangzhou force sheng electronics technology co., LTD. Is located in Asia's largest printing base in hangzhou, at present, 80% of employees with college degree or above, and owns 10% of professional pre-press equipment design experts, is a team with high quality and service, research and development ability strong professional team, the company with its leading technology, excellent products and high quality service won the trust of customers, products across the country and southeast Asia and Europe and the United States.

After force sheng people unremitting efforts and pursuit, has successfully launched since light painting machine and related CAD/CAM software, automatic high precision laser phototypesetter, laser imaging, ten series of products, such as direct plate maker is widely used in books, newspapers, high-grade color packaging printing, textile dyeing, PCB production, ceramics, silk screen printing and printing industries, by the broad masses of users consistently rated as price is very reasonable, stable and reliable performance, service, quality products at ease.

Rio sheng person always in line with "customer first, continuous innovation, sincere dedication" business philosophy, always a work in progress, constantly optimize structure, improve technology, improve the cost performance, printing service wholeheartedly, and strive to achieve customer value maximization.